Year 7 & 8

Our Year 7 and 8 students enjoy the best of both worlds – a dedicated environment for their year levels and all the benefits of a well-resourced secondary school.

Students can enter the school in either year. Girls who do this enjoy a seamless and confident transition into Year 9.

The Year 7/8 Department provides a safe and nurturing setting where girls gain a sound education and establish good study habits. Two combined Year 7 and 8 acadmeic groups have their own ‘Ako’ teacher for Reading, Writing, English Studies, Inquiry Learning and Mathematics. Girls go to specialist teachers for Information Technology, Health, Religious Education, Physical Education, Art, Music and Drama. At the end of each day the girls join their Whanau Group of 7-11 students. This is based on the House the girls belong to.

Students work in flexible ability groups for Maths and English and can move between them according to progress. Student achievement is assessed through a range of recognised methods as well as the National Standards in Reading, Writing and Maths.

All intermediate students enjoy the benefits of the school secondary environment which include:

  • Role models in senior students
  • School House system where leaders encourage the younger girls
  • Specialist teachers and facilities for Textile and Food Technology, Digital Photography, Japanese, French, Environmental Studies, Global Studies and Hard Material Technology.

Dedicated activities for Year 7/8 students include:

  • Musical Production
  • Sporting fixtures
  • Gifted and Talented programme
  • National Young Leaders Day
  • Speech competition
  • Bi-annual camp
  • Interschool Sports exchanges
  • Individual Music lessons