Year 10

In Year 10 students continue to gain a broad education in core subjects and have the opportunity to begin to specialise by choosing three options. Girls are encouraged to identify their interests and skills.

The Dean for Year 10 is Nicola Veale. “In year 10 the focus is on developing good study skills and self management so as to to set a good foundation for year 11 NCEA. Also settling into option courses and becoming more of a proactive learner, whether in an academic, cultural or sporting context. Year 10 Students discussed the importance of key values and skills for the year and were asked to remember – the 3R’s respect, responsibility and resilience as a focus for the year.”

Year 10 Core Subjects

Core subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Religious Education
  • Health

Year 10 Options

Options (students will study 3 of the following subjects)

  • Art
  • Soft Materials Technology
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Drama
  • French
  • Music
  • Digital Technology