Tertiary Scholarships & Awards

Tertiary Scholarships Awarded in 2017 for the 2018 University Year

Emily Draper – receives a William Walter Dunsterville Scholarship from Lincoln University worth $6000

Ella Parkinson has been awarded a Massey University Vice-Chancellor’s High Achiever (academic) Scholarship

Sinead Barrell and Maddison McDonald have both been awarded Go Canterbury Scholarships worth $5000 each

Sarah Saunders and Annika Green have both been awarded Victoria University Excellence Scholarships worth $5000 each

Cara Sheehan has won an Otago University New Frontiers Excellence Entrance Scholarship worth $2500

Finola O’Boyle has been awarded a Performance Entrance Scholarship from the University of Otago

Emma Sims has been awarded Otago University Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship worth $6000

Mirhan Donovan have been awarded Otago University Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship (with distinction) worth $15000

Academic Subject Scholarships Awarded 2017

Scholarship Results Summary 2017


Art History                                Eden Eldred                       Scholarship

English                                      Eden Eldred                        Scholarship

Sarah Saunders                       Outstanding Scholarship

History                                      Jess Graham                      Scholarship

Visual Arts – Art – Design               Kate Carrington                Scholarship

Lucy Lambert                     Scholarship

Visual Arts – Painting

Beth Hayman                     Scholarship

Sophie Renall                     Scholarship

Sophie Stevens                  Scholarship




The Moore Stephens Markhams Award

Moore Stephens Markhams Wairarapa continue their wonderful support with local youth in their tertiary education. A scholarship of $750 is awarded to the most successful Economics student at Rathkeale/St Matthew’s Senior College.

We thank Moore Stephens Markhams Wairarapa for their generosity and support over the years.

Previous Recipients: Nodoka Okamoto (2014), Lexi Finucane and Ryan Tonkin (2013), Angela Wilmshirst (2012), Jonty Blundell (2011), Tony Liang, (2010) and Georgia McConchie-Murray (2009).