Learning Support

We recognise that students learn at different rates and have varying abilities. Our teachers work hard to identify, understand and meet each individual’s learning needs.

Because literacy and numeracy are a key focus for all St Matthew’s girls, we employ additional staff for Maths and English.
This allows each school level to open additional classes where girls, after testing, are placed with others of similar ability.

Confidence and ability in girls who need extra learning support are encouraged through:
• smaller classes that allow a close relationship between teachers and girls
• after-school tutorials run by teachers at key times of the year
• close monitoring of homework
• advice on subject choices which may suit particular learning needs

The individual progress of all students is closely monitored through:
• referrals from feeder schools
• tests and reports
• consultation
• teacher observations

We welcome and encourage parent involvement at any time of the year in supporting and encouraging students. Our national results are testament to across-the-board success of teaching and learning at St Matthew’s. Outstanding results and personal bests are consistently achieved by girls of all learning abilities.