St Matthew’s Collegiate School Staff List 2021

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Mrs Kiri Gill

Kiri Gill has been in the teaching profession since 1984. Over that time, she has taught across New Zealand and has an in depth understanding of education. However, she is the first to say that even after all these years she is still learning. Kiri says, “I’m in the business of educating for the future and I feel privileged to be able to do that”.

St Matthew’s has a regaled history, a strong Anglican character, and strongly held traditions – and all of these things attracted Kiri to the school. She also appreciated that the school is aware of the necessity for embracing a changing world in which the girls of St Matthew’s will become leaders.

“Change does not mean compromising tradition and values”, Kiri says “a strong moral code and integrity are for a lifetime, and in a world where change is rapid you need these values to ensure that change and growth is viable, sustainable, and with people at its centre”.

The core business of any school is teaching and learning and Kiri sees the value of ensuring staff are developed professionally. “We are mindful that educating is quite different from the classroom experience we had even 15 years ago. Technology is part and parcel of the learning experience of youth; both in and out of the classroom, and we are endeavouring to embrace this learning so as to equip our girls for a world which could be quite different from today. In embracing technology, particularly the cyber world, comes challenge. There are challenges ahead as yet unknown, in all facets of the business of secondary education. The best way to face these is by ensuring we are working with our stakeholders: students, staff, parents, and the wider community, by being part of the same dialogues in order to have shared understandings.

The school has a very proud level of academic attainment due in no small part to committed practitioners and motivated students. “One of the reasons parents send their daughters to St Matthew’s school is because we have an excellent record of academic achievement. We work hard to ensure we are meeting the needs of our girls at all levels of the academic spectrum”.

The school experience in St Matthew’s is also about the all-rounded opportunities for the students. A school life is also sporting, cultural, social and spiritual. “We want to ensure that the girls have a holistic experience. Being part of a team and getting physical is an important part of life, and we endeavour to cater to that through sport. We have so much cultural talent in our midst and through the avenues of our drama and musical arenas, both onsite and at Senior College, we see that talent flourish. Our spirituality and Anglican character enhance what it is to be a good, decent and contributing member of society. We place a strong emphasis on service and giving back to the local and global community”.

St Matthew’s has wonderful community support. Kiri says “We are a family. Our families place faith in us to teach their daughters through both the Boarding and Day experience. We are raising our girls together with our community to be the caregivers of our planet. We take that responsibility seriously at St Matthew’s Collegiate.”


Deputy Principal

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Mrs Sandie Sherwen

Sandie has been in the teaching profession since 1987. Her teaching career started on the Wirral in England teaching students from Year 7 – 13.   Since then Sandie has taught in schools in the Netherlands, Spain and New Zealand. Prior to joining St Matthew’s Collegiate in 2015, she was Head of the Technology Faculty for 7 years in a large girls’ school in Hamilton. She has a Bachelor of Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management.

While Sandie has overarching responsibility for Curriculum Development, other responsibilities include NCEA, Staff Professional Development, the SMOSLs, BYOD and Education Outside the Classroom. She has oversight of girls in Years 10-12 and is involved with the St Matthew’s Old Girls Association. Sandie currently teaches Digital Technology.

Sandie and her husband have grown up children living in NZ, the UK and Germany and four gorgeous little grandsons. Her love of the outdoors has manifested itself in her taking the girls on tramping and camping weekends for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award that she runs and she coaches the badminton teams.


Assistant Principal

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Miss Alison Glass

Alison has been in the teaching profession since 1993. Her experience has been in both primary and secondary schools. Her teaching career started in Masterton.  She has taught in schools in New Zealand and the UK before returning to Masterton in 2009. She has a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Teaching from Massey University.  She studied at the University of Melbourne undertaking a post graduate course.

Alison has responsibility for the overall pastoral care of the girls, liaising with Year Group Deans.  Other responsibilities including the management of the school calendar, reporting, marketing and event management. Alison currently teaches Year 11 History, and Year 9 and Year 10 Social Studies.

Alison has two daughters, one of which still attends the school.  She coaches netball, and is a member of the Friends of St Matthew’s as a parent and a Senior Manager.


Miss Susanne Richardson Head of English & Drama 8731
Mrs Junko Bracefield International Students 8721
Mrs Ruth Bucknell

Head of Technology


Miss Sue Robertson Mathematics/Science 8732
Mrs Sarah Chapman Science 8712
Mrs Nicola Veale PE/Health – Year 10 Dean 8721
Mr Doug Davidson Head of Year 7/8 Department 8729
Mr Tim Clarke English 8730
Mrs Shelley Gilman


Food & Nutrition

Mrs Jennifer Hannon ESOL, French 8703
Mrs Vicky Harper Head of Health, , Y9 English 8730
Mr Evan Jones Art
Mrs Angela Lammas Head of Learning Area Social Studies, TIC Senco, Year 12 Dean 8705
Ms Suzanne Leckie Year 13 Dean, Geography, Social Studies, Economics 8740
Miss Gemma Begg Dance 8715
Mrs Georgie Gollins Years 7/8 8729
Ms Alison Glass Assistant Principal, Social Studies, History 8706
Mrs Wendy Roesler Learning Needs Co-ordinator 8729
Mr Kit Sherman-Ball Science/Digital Technology 8712
Mrs Sandie Sherwen Deputy Principal, Food and Nutrition 8716
Mrs Rosemary Taylor Head of Music & Drama, Social Studies, Year 11 Dean 8735
Mrs Abby Schaefer Head of Physical Education, Year 9 Dean 8715
Ms Monika Theng Head of Art 8723
Mrs Lucy Clearwater Languages 8721
Miss Olivia Goodsir Social Studies





  • Drums Mr David Heath
  • Piano & Flute Ms Kate Marshall
  • Piano & Singing Mrs Andrea Thomson
  • Singing Ms Marguerite Tait-Jamieson
  • Clarinet & Saxophone Mrs Ruth Eckford
  • Guitar & Bass Mr Tonnie ten Hove
  • Speech & Drama Mrs Maria Hinton


Main House

  • Mrs Lorraine Keats (Senior House Matron)
  • Miss Christine McCoy
  • Miss Natasha Farrington (Tutor)
  • Jules Pollard
  • Samantha Stevens
  • Fah Parimathawut
  • Kathy Anderson

Hampton House

  • Mrs Caryl Jones (Senior House Manager)
  • Mrs Lynn Priestley


  • Maintenance: Mr Wayne Carmichael
  • Maintenance: Mr Mick Bancroft
  • Minibus driver: Mr Reece Trubshoe