St Matthew’s Collegiate School Smartphone App

Download and install instructionsSt Matt's app

Go to your app store on your phone or device and search St Matthew’s Collegiate School.

Click on the ‘get’ button, which will turn into ‘install’, and then click again to install. You may need to enter your password to the app store.

When the app has finished installing click ‘open’.

The app will ask you for permission to send you push notifications. We’d advise you to select OK because this will enable notifications about alerts in the app.

The app will ask you to select the alerts you want to subscribe to using a range of dropdown menus. If you’re not sure which ones you want to subscribe for off the top of your head, or don’t want to do it right away, you can click ‘’ and come back to it later (Instructions under page summary below).

You’re in – explore the different functions which include:

An absentee page. You can either click the ‘call office’ button to immediately call the school office without having to dial, or you can fill in the details on the form and it will automatically email the school office. It will also email a confirmation message to your registered email address as security to confirm that you have personally authorised the absence.

A contacts page. This page provides contact names, numbers and email addresses for key contacts at the school.

A links page. This page provides links to key websites that contain important information related to the school.

An alerts page. When you click on this page, you will be able to see alerts you have subscribed for. To subscribe for alerts click on the cog icon for settings in the top right hand corner of the screen. Click on the drop down menus and select the alerts you wish to subscribe to.

A maps page. This page features a map of the school grounds with key locations.

A notices page. This page syncs with KAMAR to display the daily notices, which are titled by day and date.

An events page. This page syncs with KAMAR to display the school calendar in full detail.

A latest news page. Links to the school newsletter and news updates on the school website will be posted regularly and will redirect you to the mobile friendly St Matt’s site.