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What is ‘special character’?

By February 10, 2015 Uncategorized
It is not unusual for people to wonder what makes St Matthew’s Collegiate School a very special place. What is it about our school that makes us different from the vast majority of other secondary schools in New Zealand?  The most obvious answer to that question is, St Matthew’s Collegiate is a school of ‘Special Anglican Character’. But what does that mean, and why is that important?This booklet, ‘Understanding the ‘Special Character’ of an Anglican School’, answers those questions. It gives a clear idea of the benefits to your daughter of being encouraged to engage with Biblical text, Anglican tradition, and her own spirituality. I hope it will allow you, as parents, to support and encourage your daughter to engage deeply with all that is offered at St Matthew’s Collegiate School.
Blessings, Lesley Mouat, Chaplain