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Beginning of School Details

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Date St Matthew’s & Senior College
Mon 22 January

Wellington Anniversary day

Prefects’ camp
Tue 23 January Prefects’ Camp
Wed 24 January St Matthew’s Course Confirmationsfor Y10 &11

9:00-12:00 with Mrs Walker in Room 3

Thurs 25 January Teachers Only Day


Senior College Course Confirmations for years 12-13 at Rathkeale campus

9:00-11:00 A-L

11:00-1:00 M-Z

Fri 26 January Teachers Only Day
Sat 27 January Day off
Sun 28 January 9:30 Boarding student leaders arrive


11:00 All New Boarders Arrive

(current Boarders arrive from 3:00; must be in for dinner)



12:00-1:00 New Boarders and their parents lunch and Meet ‘n’ Greet- Standing finger food lunch. Prefects to attend


1:00-3:00 New Boarders’ Orientation (includes Full and Part time boarders)


5:45 All Boarders– Roast Dinner


5:30- 7:30 Parents Function of all students new to St Matthew’s in 2018 @ Mrs Gill’s home on 174A Loop Line Road


Mon 29 January Day one of Term one for all students

8:00 8.30am- All students gather by the Prelude Sculpture

8.30am – Whole School Assembly