Fundraising at St Matthew’s Collegiate School


This page keeps you up to date with St Matthew’s current fundraising projects. Not only will we provide important details about each project but, more importantly, how you can contribute!

We encourage you to send links to friends and family to help build our community of supporters!

If you have any questions, or would like support for your St Matthew’s fundraiser, please contact Melissa Warren (details below). Melissa is the Project Coordinator for the Trinity Schools Trust Board and specialises in fundraising for our Trinity Schools. Melissa will be able to manage grant applications, and advise you on the best way forward for your fundraising project. Get in touch today and see how she can help!

Contact Us

Melissa Warren, Project Co-ordinator, Trinity Schools Trust Board, PO Box 455, Masterton 5840

  • Email:
  • Direct dial: 06 370 6187

Current Fundraising Projects

St Matthew’s Development Netball Team

  • In recognition of their service to netball, a team of 11 St Matthew’s Year 12 and 13 girls, have been selected for the 2015 Senior Development Netball Team, to play in the Gold Coast Netball Carnival, July 2015.
  • The team have a number of fundraisers over the next few months to generate the much needed dollars, so stay tuned for further details on these.
  • Want to help now?

fitness centre (2)Climb to the Stars!

Friends of St Matthew’s – Adventure Course and Fitness Area

  • The Friends of St Matthew’s have taken on the task of fundraising for the new Adventure Course and Fitness Area! With a target of $100,000 there is a lot of work to do, but our wonderful Friends Association is up for the challenge. Coming up over the next few terms will be a number of fundraisers that we hope you will support! Dont be shy to spread the word either. The more that know, the greater the support!
  • Information regarding each fundraiser will be provided on this page and communicated to you through the weekly newsletter.
  • Up and coming Friends Fundraisers:
    • Friends Raffle – Term 1
    • Cocktail Party – Term 2
  • Further information regarding the Adventure Course and Fitness Area – Click Here

If you would like to contribute to the Adventure Course and Fitness Area, or would like further information regarding the fundraising initiatives mentioned above, please feel free to contact us!

Interested in taking more of an active role and being on the Friends Committee? They would love to have you! Check out the Friends of St Matthew’s page on our website for further details!