Junko Bracefield

Director of International Students

Hello, I am Junko Bracefield, Marketing Manager for the International Department.
I joined in International Department in 2017. I was born in Japan, and after studying and working in UK for 4 years, moved to New Zealand about 25 years ago. I am a registered teacher and hold qualifications in Second Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics.
New Zealand is an attractive place for young international students where there are so many opportunities, both cultural and sporting offered at school and in the community.
Studying abroad is an exciting but also worrying experience for young students and their families. I understand their concerns as well as the benefits for the students to become internationally focused, globally minded young adults.
The International Department is very happy to inform, help and answer any questions you may have, so that you and your family can decide what will be the best for you and your daughter’s international education.