Electronic Device for Learning (EDL)

Our e-learning goal is that “learning and e-learning strategies support and enhance the girls’ learning across the curriculum.” To that end we are encouraging our students to bring their own computer to school.

The more students that connect and bring their devices to class, the more use of these devices can be made by teachers in their teaching programmes, which can help enrich their lessons.

We understand that selecting a suitable computer can be a challenging experience. Our website offers you advice about specifications and lists suitable devices. In addition, we have a relationship with Cyclone Computers through whom you can purchase a device, peripherals and insurance should you want it.

Cyclone is a New Zealand owned ICT company that provides an efficient procurement capability for NZ All of Government agencies, tertiary institutions, schools and commercial organisations.

Computers and accessories are available to St Matthew’s students through the Cyclone web portal: https://www.cyclone.co.nz/byod/

Please select St Matthew’s Collegiate from the list of schools and enter the code: smcbyod

EDL recommendations for students at St Matthew’s  – All the devices on offer are suitable for use at St Matthew’s.

If you need additional advice, please contact Mrs Sherwen sandie.sherwen@trinityschools.nz