Boarding FAQ

What is the food like?

We provide three well balanced meals per day, which are both nutritional and satisfying, with vegetarians catered for as well. The current 6 week rotating menu includes all sorts of goodies for all sorts of palates.

Milo is available as well as facilities for making quick snacks. Morning and afternoon tea is provided for those in Year 7 to 11. The older girls usually make their own snacks after school.

All boarders dine together for breakfast and dinner. They are joined by the day girls for lunch.

What time do I get up?

From Monday to Saturday it’s a 6.45am wake-up, but on Sunday girls may have a sleep-in, getting up by 9.00am.

Who does my washing?

Sheets, towels, sports gear and uniforms are washed by the school laundry. Girls in Year 12 and 13 are required to wash personal clothing themselves.

Can I go to town?

Yes. Younger girls may go to town – “town leave” – on alternate weeks, while the seniors have leave once a week. Theatre leave is often granted on Saturday nights and bike rides and visitors are permitted at certain times during the weekend. Saturday morning shopping is allowed at the matron’s discretion.

What happens after school?

There will be sports practice on some afternoons. Many girls get involved in the various choirs or practice music. If your time is free you may change into mufti, go swimming, play tennis, complete assignments, catch up with your washing or just relax with friends until tea time at 5.45pm.

Do I have to wear my uniform all the time?

No, at the close of school you may change into mufti, unless you are granted town leave. In the weekends you wear mufti, except for Sunday church services.

What happens when I am sick?

The school has its own doctor. If you feel sick then let the matron know. Depending on how you’re feeling and the nature of your illness you may stay in your own cubicle or you may be sent home to recuperate.

When can I see my family?

Your parents are encouraged to visit you at school. Every three weeks the boarding houses close for exeats on Saturday after sport and open again on Sunday evening. Travel arrangements can be organised through the school office.

What do I need to bring with me?

As well as as your school uniform and required school supplies, you will need to bring toiletries, nightwear, favourite soft toy(s), casual mufti clothes, dressy mufti clothes, towels – for swimming and showering, swimming togs, face cloths, a mug, any ornaments, photos or items to personalise your room, drawing pins, a dressing gown and slippers, a sewing kit containing: pair of scissors, needles, white & dark green cotton, green wool and spare nametags, a duvet and pillow (linen optional), laundry powder, coat hangers, a formal Dress for special occasions and a plastic ‘click clack’ tuck box for food.

Can I just board for a night or two?

Yes! We offer casual boarding to day students who need to board temporarily. This can be done for up to 100 nights per year. Full details including costs can be found in our Casual Boarding Policy.