Our school has a wonderful, rich history in Wairarapa and boarding is an integral part of that. For over one hundred years we have been a leading provider of education for young women in Wairarapa, and the strong spirit of our school is felt as soon as you set foot on the grounds. There is an energy and passion evident in our girls that is infectious.

Boarding empowers students to achieve academic excellence, thrive socially and pursue their passions. It supports busy families by easing the pressures of daily life, and offers a large degree of flexibility as our girls are welcome to board casually, part or full-time.

St Matthew’s Collegiate School offers boarding for all girls in Years 7 to 13. The girls are split between two boarding houses, Main House and Hampton House, which cater for different age groups. Each has its own house managers and house leaders.

The warm, welcoming and safe environment in both houses fosters a strong sense of community; Your girl will be safe and supported to achieve her best in every aspect of life.

Stringent security systems and procedures ensure that girls are safe and accounted for 24 hours a day. We also transport girls to and from extra-curricular activities outside school and to the train and bus for weekend trips home at no extra cost to you. Our procedures ensure that girls are safe whenever they leave the school grounds and we know where they are. Nutritious daily meals are provided with all boarders dining together for breakfast and dinner. All girls take part in supervised evening homework (‘prep’) together and night time routines and bedtimes are strictly followed, enabling all girls to get the rest they need.

Communication with parents is encouraged and supported and boarding is very much considered a partnership between parents, students and the school.

We encourage you to explore the boarding resources we have on offer for parents and students, and find out more about the wonderful things St Matthew’s has to offer for girls who are motivated to be the best they can be.