A day in the life of a boarder…

Lorena Haab, Main House Boarder

 “Hey, my name is Lorena Haab.  I am in Year 10 this year.  I have been a boarder at Main house for 3 years now and I have been enjoying every bit of it.

I have become so much closer with the girls here and I love it how it’s just such a loving and caring environment and there is always something on.

Boarding is so much easier when you have sports on because we can just catch a mini van and it’s just so quick and easy. In Main House, we always have the odd movie night or pizza dinner with the older girls which is so much fun and brings everyone closer together.

It’s always great to go home over the weekends and see my family and I know for a fact that everyone else enjoys that too. It’s also fun to go on town leave with your friends and spend some money on junk food then we come back and share it with everyone and it’s just like a big happy family.

The boarding house sometimes makes you go outside of your comfort zone and that’s always good too. The matrons on the other hand are just all so kind and just make boarding so much better. They are always there when you have a problem or if you just want to have a chat. We also sometimes get music in the morning to wake us up.

I really am enjoying it and I highly recommend to start boarding its just so much fun and full of amazing people that you will never forget.”

Amanda Harris, Main House Boarder

I am boarding in Year 9 this year and I am really enjoying it so far. It is my second year as I came in Year 8.

My week starts of with me catching the bus on Sunday night from Palmerston North, which a lot of other girls catch as well, and then I catch it again on Friday afternoon.

Every morning we get woken up by the bell and if we are lucky its sometimes music. At breakfast, lunch and dinner there is a good variety of food to choose from, there is a meat and vegeterian option every meal so it caters for all needs.

One of my favourite things about boarding is that it really is like one big sleepover with all of the other girls and also it is on the school site which makes things a lot easier and there is the mini van that takes us to sports practices/games so that is an extra bonus! Prep is also a great thing about boarding because you manage to get all of your homework done without any interruptions, even though not everyone looks forward to it.

I am very happy being a boarder because you make stronger friendships than with the day girls because you are with all the other boarders everyday and night, I know I have made some life long friends already within these first few years and you gain manners and life lessons that you will never forget!