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ANZAC services and tributes at St Matthew’s

By May 4, 2015 Uncategorized

St Matthew’s Collegiate School commemorated ANZAC day with a service of remembrance. This is a particularly poignant occasion as 2015 is the 100th anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli.

In this service three Y10 girls – Neve Horne, Liadan Jaquiery, and Lilian Jones – told the stories of their family members who served in World War I.

Following this there was the presentation and blessing of the Poppy hanging and crosses. The Poppies have been hand crafted by members of the St Matthew’s school community, many specifically dedicated to the remembrance of particular soldiers who fought in World War I.  You will notice that there are also a number of white poppies. These remember those who were conscientious objectors and are known as Peace Poppies. This hanging remains on display in the school.

Then at lunchtime, the 30 crosses, each representing one soldier who gave his life during the war, were assembled into a Field of Commemoration beneath the New Zealand flag in the St Matthew’s school grounds.

Both the Field of Remembrance and the Poppy hanging will be on public display, so please feel free to visit and spend a few moments of quiet when you next come into school.

Our gratitude and respect for the ANZAC spirit was also demonstrated in displays around school, and we were very proud that Isabella Biggs from Y11 was chosen to lay a wreath at the service at the Wellington War Memorial.