School Governance

Like many well-established schools in New Zealand, St Matthew’s Collegiate was founded as a private school. In 1992 the Trinity Schools Trust Board signed an agreement with the Crown and St Matthew’s ceased to be private. It is now one of New Zealand’s 334 state-integrated schools that collectively educate 86,000 students nationwide.

The Trinity Schools Trust Board are the owners of the school and remain responsible for the buildings and grounds and more importantly, are responsible for ensuring the school’s Special Character is maintained and preserved. Special Character is the bedrock of our agreement with the Crown and is an essential element without which the school would not exist.

All state-integrated schools teach the New Zealand Curriculum, but keep their own Special Character (usually a philosophical or religious belief) as part of their school programme. As a result of integration St Matthew’s is governed by two Boards.

Like all state schools, St Matthew’s has a Board of Trustees which is a Crown Entity. Its main aims are to ensure the students are receiving a high quality standard of education, that national educational priorities are being addressed and that resources are being used prudently to deliver the highest possible quality programmes.

As an integrated school, certain aspects of St Matthew’s are governed by the Board of Proprietors, which is the Trinity Schools Trust Board. Although a complicated system, it actually works very well with each Board having lead responsibility for varying governance aspects of the school.

Hadlow Preparatory School and Rathkeale College are also state-integrated schools owned by the Trinity Schools Trust Board.

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