St Matthew’s Collegiate School Board of Trustees

Charged with the governance of St Matthew’s, the Board of Trustees is comprised of:

  • two representatives of the Trinity Schools Trust Board (the Proprietors),
  • six members of the College’s larger community elected by parents/caregivers for a three-year term, and
  • three school representatives: one staff representative, one student representing the student body and the Principal (as an ex-officio member).

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Board of Trustees Handbook

Current members of the Board of Trustees are:

Proprietor Representatives

  • Mrs Denise Beazley
  • Archdeacon May Croft

Parent and Community Representatives

  • Mrs Sarah Harris (Chair)
  • Rev May Croft
  • Chris Stewart
  • Alistair Plimmer
  • Jane McLennan
  • Matt Hood
  • Richard Toovey
  • Amy Williams

School Representatives

  • Mrs Kiri Gill – Principal
  • Mrs Abby Schaefer – Staff Representative

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