WW100 Poppy Project



St Matthew’s Collegiate Community WW100 Project of Remembrance, Reverence and Reflection

You may be aware of the British WW100 commemorative project to honour the fallen with a sea of ceramic poppies that spills out and sweeps around the Tower of London.

Australia and New Zealand have also initiated a similar project called 5000 Poppies requesting crafters to sew, knit, crochet, felt, and quilt poppies to be included in a display for ANZAC Day 2015, each in their respective countries. New Zealand’s display will be erected in Christchurch.

As well as providing poppies to support this initiative we would also like to create our own wall of poppies here at St Matthew’s and ask the St Matthew’s community, present and past to submit a crafted poppy for the mural.

Lisa Wallace, who is organising and curating the New Zealand arm of the 5000 Poppies project is happy for us to use the patterns on the official website to create our own mural, asking only that we submit a number of poppies for the New Zealand project from the St Matthew’s Collegiate community and acknowledge where the initial inspiration originated.

The invitation is out to the St Matthew’s community, past and present, spread far and wide, to support this project and ask each for a poppy contribution to the mural. The crafting of the commemorative poppies is very quick, easy and addictive. I am confident that extending the request to produce two poppies, one for the St Matthew’s project and one to be sent on to the NZ wide initiative will be no onerous task.

When sending in your poppy it would be lovely if you took the opportunity to dedicate it to a member of your family who participated in The Great War, suppling us with brief details of name, dates, arenas of battle so that it can be included in a register to accompany the project. If this is not applicable, you might like to consider dedicating it to one of the 543 Wairarapa WWI men and 1 woman whose names are inscribed on Wairarapa war memorials. A list of these names with accompanying details is available in the St Matthew’s Library.

Here at St Matthew’s we will be encouraging the girls to use their crafting skills or learn a new one in sessions provided by staff so that they can each contribute.

Visit the website of the 5000 Poppies project to be inspired and start contributing to this World War I commemorative project. Please have poppies to us, and dedication information, before 27 March 2015.

For further information, or if you are able to help with the supply of materials, please contact the Librarian by email.