Trinity Schools

Together As One

St Matthew’s is part of the Trinity family of Anglican schools. Under the proprietorship of the Trinity Schools Trust Board, the Trinity system caters for boarders and day students from pre-school to Year 13.

The three Trinity Schools work closely together to assist planning and activities for families with children in more than one of the schools:

St Matthew’s Collegiate School: day and boarding school for Year 7-13 girls

Rathkeale College: day and boarding school for Year 9-13 boys

Hadlow Preparatory School: co-educational day school for Years 0-8 with an independent pre-school attached.

Rathkeale and St Matthew’s students learn and develop in single sex environments in their early adolescence. In Years 12 and 13, when the educational and social benefits of co-education are greater, girls and boys are brought together in Senior College on the Rathkeale College campus. Senior College girls continue to board and fulfil leadership roles at St Matthew’s.

Each school offers a well-rounded education with a programme of worship, religious studies and a strong moral code. They each promote excellence through academic, cultural, sporting and musical pursuits in which all students and staff participate.

The Trinity Schools Trust Board is responsible for maintaining education with a special character as part of the schools’ integration agreements with the Ministry of Education.

Although Anglican, the Trinity Schools welcome students from all cultures, religions and faiths who undertake to uphold the special character.

Contact Details

St Matthew's Collegiate School

Postal Address: St Matthew’s Collegiate School, PO Box 462, Masterton, New Zealand

Physical Address: St Matthew’s Collegiate School, 33 Pownall Street, Masterton, New Zealand

Telephone: +64 6 370 0067

Fax: +64 6 377 3185


Rathkeale College

Postal & Physical Address: Rathkeale College, Willowpark Drive, RD 11, Masterton, New Zealand

Telephone: +64 6 370 0175

Fax: +64 6 377 3214


Hadlow School

Postal & Physical Address: Hadlow Preparatory School, High Street, Masterton, New Zealand

Telephone: +64 6 378 6597

Fax: +64 6 377 4222