St Matthew’s Collegiate School Foundation

The St Matthew’s Collegiate School Foundation, created in the school’s centenary year (2014), will be a prominent feature in the schools’ future, helping shape the school as it evolves over the next 50 years and beyond.

The Foundation has been established to support the development and advancement of St Matthew’s Collegiate School and the young women within it.

Standing as a separate legal entity, the St Matthew’s Collegiate School Foundation is led by an experienced group of dedicated trustees, who bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the position.

The stated aim of the Foundation is the advancement of education at St Matthew’s by supporting and providing funds and other benefits to or for the School. This may be in the form of scholarships, bursaries, endowments, prizes or other educational allowances, the acquisition and development of land, buildings and facilities, the purchase and maintenance of equipment and resources for improving the academic, cultural and recreational environment, the employment of teaching and other staff, research in education or visits from distinguished scholars and guests which would contribute to the education of students and staff at the School.

We are encouraging past pupils, staff members, parents, grandparents and friends of St Matthew’s who have benefited from their association with the school, to make a financial contribution to help ensure the continued success in the future. As a registered charity, all donations over $5 are tax deductible and receipted.

The Foundation Trustees are planning to establish a number of separate funds to encompass the above aims for St Matthew’s.

If you would like to contribute to the future of St Matthew’s Collegiate School and further generations of St Matthew’s young woman, please contact Melissa Warren for assistance. Donations of any size are welcomed.

Contact Us

Melissa Warren, Project Co-ordinator, St Matthew’s Collegiate School Foundation, PO Box 455, Masterton 5840