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Year 11 Social

By March 22, 2015 Uncategorized

On Wednesday 18th March, well over 60 Year 11 boys from Rathkeale, accompanied by their Dean, Adam Gordon, poured into St Matthew’s and headed for the gym for a social with our 58 Year 11 girls. They were put into mixed teams and a selection of games which had been devised by the prefects were played, culminating in a water fight outside with water bombs. This was great fun except for the rather cold wind which was making a few of them shiver , especially those who had been doused liberally with water!. Never mind, there was pizza to be had to end the afternoon and quickly vanished with both Deans dishing out slices rapidly. I would like thank Monika Lombard and her team of helpers who organised this. We hope to have another social during the year but perhaps not involving water fights as it will be winter!

Rosemary Taylor, Year 11 Dean