Pastoral Care

Led by Assistant Principal Alison Glass, pastoral care is provided by a network of experienced staff. They are available to guide, support and encourage girls who face life challenges, large or small.

In 2017 St Matthew’s changed its pastoral network to Whanau groups operated through our House system. Here the girls are in a group from year 7-11. They meet every day at 3pm with a Whanau teacher who is their pastoral ‘go to’. They girls stay in this group until they leave school. Year 12/13 are also placed in a Whanau group and join in whenever they are onsite or every second Friday morning.

Girls are placed in an ‘Ako’ group for their academic classes which are year level based.

The next level is the dean who provides extra support and will address major issues for the year group as a whole if they arise. The dean meets with the year group weekly and the girls are given areas in their school life to focus on.

Mr Doug Davidson – Year 7/8

Mrs Angela Lammas– Year 9

Ms Jane Tiley – Year 10

Mrs Rosemary Taylor – Year 11

Miss Suzanne Leckie – Year 12

Mrs Kiewiet Van Deventer – Year 13

Beyond this, matters are dealt with by Senior Management:

Miss Alison Glass (Assistant Principal) – Years 7-9

Mrs Sandie Sherwen (Deputy Principal)– Years 10-12

Mrs Kiri Gill (Principal) – Year 13

Lesley Mouat (St Matthew’s site) and Teresa Ahipene (Senior College) are our trained counsellors to assist girls when and where they need it. Lesley Mouat is also our Chaplain who provides moral and spiritual support in times of need.

When our girls move to Senior College in Year 12 we ensure they are transitioned and supported throughout this change.

Other pastoral initiatives at St Matthew’s:

Big Sister/Little Sister

New girls to St Matthew’s are given a ‘Big Sister’ so as they transition to St Matthew’s they have a point of contact and a friendly face on the first day.


Girls attend camps in Years 7-10. We believe this is an important time to build positive relationships with each other and staff members.

Peer Mediation

A group of Year 11 students receive training in peer mediation to help younger girls solve minor problems without adult intervention.

We pride ourselves on the way in which are students interact with each other during the school day. Being a small school gives us the advantage of being able to ‘scoop’ up girls who need extra support and help them to move forward. Our values of compassion, integrity, commitment, respect and inclusiveness and threading through everything we do.