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The following are nominated in the Wairarapa Secondary School Sports Awards on Thursday 25 October:

Kate Sims – Sports women of the year 
Natalie Austin – Sports women of the year
Georgia Percy – Sports women of the year
Hanna Cohr – Junior sports person of the year
Darby Lambert – Junior Sports Person of the year
Ocean Bartlett – Junior Sports Person of the Year

1st Xl Cricket – team of the year – Gemma Sims represented as student and Tony Lyford as coach
1st Xl Hockey – team of the year – Lucy Griffith represented as student and Phil Hall as coach
1st Xl Football – team of the year – Sydney Palmer represented the school at the event

Cassandra Dawson was our representative student speaker at this event.

Finalists were:

Ocean Bartlett – Junior Sportsperson
Team of the Year – First XI Hockey who went on to win this section
Sportswoman of the Year – Kate Sims and Natalie Austin. Natalie went on to win
Sportsperson/s of the Year – Natalie Austin and First XI Hockey

Congratulation to the girls, their coaches and managers.

First XI Cricket

The girls made a great start to the season last Wednesday with a 40 run win over Wairarapa College First XI.