Living at St Matthew’s

Education at St Matthew’s

On arrival at St Matthew’s, each international student and her family spend an intensive three days with our coordinator. This orientation period helps girls to quickly settle in to a new routine and meet other girls and staff.

The International Student Coordinator’s office is located in the boarding house. She and boarding staff are always available to:
• support students with their problems or concerns
• arrange home stays and travel arrangements
• arrange and supervise functions, outings, fun trips and dinners
• take students on holiday around NZ

Our annual dinner for international students gives girls the chance to show off their cooking skills and thank their homestay hosts.

We encourage all international students to return home at least once during the school year.

St Matthew’s offers a well-established, safe, friendly and caring environment for students from overseas.
We have a proud tradition of educating and caring for girls from all countries all over the world including Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, USA, Denmark and Germany.
International students all live in our on-site school boarding houses with fellow students from New Zealand. Boarding is a key part of school life at St Matthew’s.

Academic excellence is a focus with almost all girls continuing on to tertiary education. Our strong and personalised ESOL programme supports students through the national NCEA syllabus. It also offers support for students who want to sit external examinations such as IELTS and SAT.

St Matthew’s is a signatory to the NZ Ministry of Education’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.