International Students Enrolment Procedures

Thank you for your interest in St Matthew’s Collegiate School International Department.

The basic process for enrolment is as follows:

  1. The international student completes and returns the enrolment form and supplies details relating to school record and English language ability.
  2. An offer of place, subject to payment of fees, homestay payment and insurance is provided to the student together with an invoice for fees.
  3. Once the above payment is made, a Letter of Acceptance, with receipt of payments and all necessary information relating to St Matthew’s Collegiate School is issued.

Our criteria for entry are as follows:

  1. Academic reports for the two years prior to application will be required (with transcripts if necessary). The comments on effort are as important as achievement, so are work habits/attitude and motivation.
  2. Comprehensive references from a member of the school staff who knows the student well, plus one other will be sought. These references should not be a standard formatted statement. References should cover all aspects of the student’s personality and behaviour.
  3. Permanent resident visas are not relevant to our acceptance of an overseas student. If a student requires ESOL tuition, the ESOL fee is payable irrespective of visa status.
  4. A language assessment test under supervised conditions will normally be required. There may also be other tests to assist with placement, to establish the applicant’s ability to cope with the mainstream programme and for the information of the ESOL department.
  5. An interview with the applicant and parents is required if the student is already in New Zealand . If they are not an interview will be arranged whenever possible.

Girls may join the school from Year 7 (aged about 11 years) or in any following year. We would recommend as early as entry as possible as this gives the girls a greater opportunity to develop the linguistic competency they would require for university by Year 13. It also makes for easier social integration. Girls wishing to enter at an older age must be linguistically competent.

It is most important that the student is coming for the correct reasons and that parents and student both wish for excellence. Girls must have a clean social record and this must be testified to in the letters of reference.