Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is central to the philosophy of St Matthew’s. We provide an environment where each student is encouraged to strive for individual excellence in all that she does and to develop her talents to the full.

A broad education in the early years provides a sound base from which to make career choices. An education programme based on skills and problem solving, ensures that students gain the flexibility and confidence needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Learning at St Matthew’s focuses on ideas, problems and principles, requires girls to react and research widely, is not restricted by subject boundaries, emphasises in-depth enquiry, develops thinking skills, challenges girls to develop a high-quality product as the final outcome of their work using techniques, materials and forms that are new to them, promotes independence, self-direction and self-evaluation in learning, encourages the development of self-understanding and teaches girls to evaluate their own work and that of their peers, whether it is in their subject grouping or attending Senior College.

Academic Achievements 2016

Breakdown of 2016 NCEA Results

NCEA National Decile 8-10 Girls St Matthew’s
Level One 85.2% 95.1% 100%
Level One with Merit 35.1% 41.9% 33.3%
Level One with Excellence 19.8% 41.5% 47.9%
Literacy 91.2% 98.3% 100%
Numeracy 89% 98% 100%
Level Two 89% 97% 100%
Level Two with Merit 26.9% 39% 46.4%
Level Two with Excellence 15.8% 35.1% 25%
Level Three 82.5% 93.8% 97.5%
Level Three With Merit 28.2% 38.4% 35.9%
Level Three with Excellence 14.5% 25.1% 28.2%
University Entrance 67.1% 85.9% 90%